The Electric Loop​-​Aid Cello Test

by Joshua Stacy

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Recorded in July 2010 at Shell Mound Studios in Loma Mar, California.

This album is dedicated to all of my mentors.


released August 1, 2010

Joshua Stacy- Cello, Looping, Vocals, Production

All songs written and arranged by Joshua Stacy unless otherwise noted.

Photo by Jordan Swank


all rights reserved


Track Name: Brigid

newts lumber cross the highway
there' s a party on the other side
if we make it we'll be wrestling
cuz wrestling's in season
and so am i and so are you

ever since henry set forth
all his cars became automatic
its been a hard hard road
paved with dreams
whether past or future remains to be seen

and will we see the helping hands
or will the be so frightened
by the firestorms of our birth
oh we're writhing for life
in the firestorms of our birth

like rainbows in ones or twos
chasing vapor trails
binding you to the ocean
i don't blame you

while i stare on past
to that deep pink sky
lay your head on down in those pillows
in that deep pink sky
in that deep pink sky

rest your head sweet darlin
thanks once again
for the helping hand
bringing brilliant winds
breathing through storm clouds
breathing through storm clouds
Track Name: Golden Fingers
Golden Fingers

late last night as i did sleep
right through my window slender branch creeped
it reached down deep inside of me
i dreamt big leaves, a maple tree

as the sun shone down i did wake up dances
time to stretch those limber branches
tipped with fingers shining gold
the last bells of autumn calmly tolled

time to rest, my work is done
gold floats on down with the waning sun
the beauty of the wind joins the beauty of the land
mulched just in time to begin again

the creativity of survival
the oldest of arts
a cycle of lessons
a oneness of parts
Track Name: Disco Vixen
Disco Vixen

vixen screaming in a new years night
sitting on a dirt pile, tracking moonlight
i see your sign all over the earth
beginning to learn what life is worth
bulldozed to oblivion
den on this hill you've been living in
this is love, this is war

nose to the ground follow foot steps
with each new clue my curiosity wets
tasting the scent of your sweet perfume
watching the signs of a looming doom
no fireworks, no champagne
just follow you vixen, join your campain
this love, this is war

scream your song through the heat of night
hoping that some will see the light
needing allies in her lonesome fight
wailing, pleading, praying that we might

bleached white skull, it's the second one
ancestor aren't you stunned?
yellow creatures with their arms and their claws
devoured your land and put up stone walls
soon, it'll all be eaten
vixen, you know we can't be beaten
this is love, this is war

crashin down, giant orange ball
waiting for the veil of illusion to fall
toasting to leaves, blistering heat
risin temperatures, we can't beat
on bones of a deer, you'll be pissing
putrid smell of death, we'll be kissing
this is love, this is war
Track Name: Dirty Blind
Dirty Blind

i can't see what the sun will bring today but i can feel it on my cheeks
i can't see what the sun will bring today but i can smell it on the the breeze
and when you guide my head on down to that place between your knees
i can't see what the sun will bring today but i can taste just what we need.

take me to the cave where neither of us can see just what the sun has brought today
there we'll sing our song while we're soiling our knees in what the sun has brought today
and when our voices echo up ecstatic stalactites pierce our souls
i can't see what the sun will bring today but I can taste just what we need.

is a cave still a cave if both ends touch the sky? look what the sun has brought today
well don't look back my dear either way there's a light in what the sun has brought today
in and out the cavern squeals eternity in one breath
i can't see what the sun will bring today but i can taste just what we need.
Track Name: Barefoot

sail away on a journey to another continent
sail away from one dream to another
sail away to a land where soil hugs your roots
sail away as we all flow together

with barefoot children
whose screams of joy
bring us ever closer

so close so close to her

remember when you pulled me close
and walked on down to a secret place
where the creek rolls round and round the bend
and big ol' trees with gnarled bumps
twisting round and dropping seeds
sharing eyes as their lives reach for the sun

making shadows and soaking warmth

you and i oh little one we sat atop the sunny hill
and followed lizards all through their days
till mama came back home below
so quick we tumbled running down
with stories bubbling up in our eyes

sprouting up and leafing out

oh sorceress you beckon us with bounty's taste
and flutes that call
the dance amidst the shadows of short days
and ancient arts are future arts
and we will see the rainbow bridge
that brought us back to living where we are

smiling bellies and centered souls